The clanpot is one of many objects which Marina Liteyears can pick up in Mischief Makers. In appearance it is a brown, clay pot about 60% as tall and slightly wider than Marina. It has a hollow Clancer face upon it as many blocks and objects in Mischief Makers do. The normal clanpot is also exclusive to area 3: the Mt. Snow region.

Controls when holding a Clanpot:Edit



D-Pad Down with clanpot View the contents of the clanpot
D-Pad Down with clanpot + L or R Shift item being viewed to a different position in the clanpot
D-Pad Down + B, when on top of clanpot Remove first item in the clanpot
Repeated C-Down with clanpot Shake the clanpot to combine its contents
B with clanpot Gently drop the clanpot
B with clanpot + direction Vigorously throw the clanpot

Clanpot Appearances:Edit

The clanpot shows up in six stages of the Mt. Snow and Aster's Lair regions altogether. The clanpots in Aster's Lair are slightly different than normal clanpots, as is the one used at the festival in Mt. Snow.



3-1: Clanpot Shake

The clanpot is the primary vehicle of this stage. Marina uses it to combine all sorts of things, including a number of gems into a golden gem.
3-5: Go Marzen 64 Two clanpots are in this stage. Marina uses the one in the first area to mix bombs and free a fair quantity of gems, while the second area clanpot must be quickly grabbed before it falls and shaken to create a giant jetpack Clancer and reach the golden gem.
3-7: Snowstorm Maze Shaking a white clanball in the second area results in a clanpot falling out. Marina has to drop bombs into it and combine them, and then throw the clanpot over a wall to assist her into a warpstar.
3-10: The Day Of In the Ball event at the festival Marina finds herself rushing back and forth with a clanpot trying to catch more white balls than red ones. Items can not be removed from this clanpot, nor mixed.
4-3: 7 Clancer Kids In finding the seven lost Clancer children, Marina discovers that they have each been transformed into violent creatures. Three of these are giant clanpots which spout flaming rocks and gems. They can not be grabbed.
4-7: Ghost Catcher! A special blue clanpot will be near Marina at the start of this level. King Aster needs her to capture all of the stage's 13 ghosts inside of it. This clanpot can neither store nor mix standard objects.

Clanpot Recipes:Edit

Repeatedly shaking the clanpot once it has certain objects inside it will result in a variety of combinations, usually more useful objects that can then be removed and used for specific purposes.



6 blue gems 1 green gem
2 green gems 1 golden gem
4 mines and/or grenades 1 clanbomb
2 flowers 1 ninja star
3 ninja stars 1 boomerang
3 green missile Clancers 1 giant jetpack Clancer

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