This is one of the various friendly creatures of Mischief Makers. Marina Liteyears first encounters it in stage 3-1: Clanpot Shake, the first level in the Mt. Snow region.

Physical Description:Edit

The Jump Clancer is similar to a common Clancer except for four details. Firstly, it is always wearing a black top hat accessory. Secondly, it's legs have been replaced with a green spring upon which it constantly bounces. Thirdly, its arms are extra long, easily reaching the ground, and made up of blue spheres. Fourthly, it is almost always seen from a frontal view, even when moving horizontally or turning. Apart from that it's hollow face and white body look like any other Clancer.

Using the Jump Clancer:Edit

Marina may grab the Jump Clancer as she would an object or clanball and then the D-Pad controls its movements as well as her own. If the up direction is held, the pair will perform an extremely high jump when next they touch down on the ground. Holding down makes them appear to charge up, much like pulling back when on a springed clanball, but it is only the appearance of such an action and releasing down causes them only to revert to normal movement. The Jump Clancer can be used both to reach high places, and to bounce across spike balls, which do not cause Marina or the Jump Clancer damage when touched with the spring. It is possible to jump from one spike ball to another.




3-1: Clanpot Shake After using the Clanpot, the Jump Clancer will be on a raised platform next to a common Clancer, who explains some of its purpose. Use this Jump Clancer to leap across the gap to the right, bouncing across several spike balls. A green and blue gem above the platform can only be reached using its high spring jump.
3-7: Snowstorm Maze The Jump Clancer here must be moved into a room or box opposite a second trapped Jump Clancer. This helps trigger a warp star to appear leading to the next area. Before leaving, Marina can also use the Jump Clancer to bounce high up in the left corner across several spike balls, where the golden gem is found.

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