' You've gone too far, little girl. I'll punish you with my burning fist of justice!! '

The first member of the Beastector to take on Marina, Lunar is a hot-headed fighter who carries his laser firing gun at all times. Lunar's appearance resembles a wolf wearing red armour and black pants. He finds Marina on top of a cold mountain where he catches a cold and is promptly defeated despite his grenades, gun, and quick movement. He then makes a second attempt on Marina's life while riding his over-sized motorcycle, Cerberus α (alpha), which is as well armed in weapons as he is being able to fire a giant laser and many rockets. Midway through the rematch, his motorcycle transforms into a large robotic dog and then turns into a deadly spinning form. When returned to his original human form during the final scenes, he is revealed to have been something of an 1980s rocker. During gameplay at boss stages he says, "Heeere's LUNAR!" (rather reminiscent of the famous quote from 'The Shining') "Cerberus Alpha!" "Beast change!" "Through fire, justice is served!" "Eat lead!" and "How could I lose to you?!" During the final battle, it becomes the upper body and wields the strongest weapon of the Beastector (A giant V shaped laser which can track targets).

Gold GemsEdit

He wields three gold Gems. One is acquired in the first battle by throwing energy balls at him. In the second battle, as well as the final battle, it is obtained by defeating him without getting hurt.

In the end Edit

In the suprise ending, Geold turned Lunar to his former state: a biker.

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