Mischief Makers1

A screenshot from Meet Marina!!

This is the first stage that Marina Liteyears travels through in Mischief Makers: level 1:1 of the Planet Clancer region.


The Empire has captured the Professor and he is asked about the Emperor and after saying he doesnt know what they are talking about they take him away. Maria dashes onro the scene as Clancer appears and asks if she is Marina Lightyear. She agrees and says and accuses them for being the bad guys who took Theo. They turn out to be suffering from them as well.


The Player must talk to Geold and get the bomb to blow away the red clancer spaces which hold a Warp Star. Once you use it your transformed to the highest part of the level near a Level Completion Star.


This level is really easy, you probably won't even need this guide but...yeah, I'm writing it. When you begin, move forward, and climb over the first pile of blocks. Continue onward, jumping over the fire on the ground.

Move through the first house, and jump onto the block platforms that are covering several crystals. Pass over the top, and move over the large red collection of blocks. Now keep going forward, until you enter a house with an old clancer inside it.

Talk to him, and listen to his speech, until he gives you a clanbomb. Take the clan bomb and blow up the pile of red blocks you saw. Grab the star that is now accessible, to be trasnported to a platform near a second star. Grab that one to complete the level

Golden Gem:Edit


The Gold Gem is in this

Under the first house there is a bronze clancer statue. Standing nearby is a clancer fellow. Marina must pick this person up and throw him at the statue, breaking it and revealing a golden gem.

S Grade:

You must get to the Level Completion Star in less than 18 seconds (exact time is unknown, but definitely lower than 18.00 seconds. S Grade achieved at 15.7 seconds.) To get this grade, you must pick up the Clancer Statue containing the Gold Gem. Run it as fast as you can to the top of the Red Block shrine/tower. Place it as close to the edge as possible. Grab the Clancer on top of the shrine and do a Power Slide-jump off the top of the Statue. At the height of the jump, throw the Clancer man straight down and use the added height from the throw to get on top of the floating platform. Grab the Level Completion Star and hope you ran it fast enough.

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