This is the second region which Marina Liteyears travels through on the Planet Clancer in the game Mischief Makers. It contains eleven stages.


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Area Themes and Elements:Edit

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These are the stages of the Migen's Shrine area.



2-1: Sea of Lava
2-2: Vertigo!!
2-3: Sink or Float! Jump from platform to platform, but act quickly, these things won't hold Marina for long!&nbsp
2-4: Hot Rush It's all fun and games until a mad rush of lava is coming after you.&nbsp
2-5: Searin' Swing! Clancers make great ropes.
2-6: Flambéé!! A fight of epic BEEportion
2-7: Tightrope Ride
2-8: Freefall!! Wait....I meant to go down that way!&nbsp
2-9: Magma Rafts Smooth sailing...somewhat
2-10: Seasick Climb Dizzy yet? No? Keep shaking those Clanballs! &nbsp
2-11: Migen Brawl!!

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