"I worry about you, 'cause you think that you're invincible!!"

Sarie is a character in Mischief Makers. He is one of the seven sons of the Clancer Kids and Parents.



Sarie is a small Clancer child with a color scheme consisting of purple shades. He also wears a Christmas cap.


Sarie has shown signs of bluntness and underestimation throughout his very few appearances in the game. Despite this, he still shows concern for Teran's safety during the events of Rescue! Act 1. In 7 Clancer Kids, he reveals to Marina that Teran speaks a lot of her, hinting that Teran may very well harbor a crush on her.


  • There are two cases of Sarie directly rewarding the player with a Gold Gem; by shaking him in 7 Clancer Kids and when he runs away should the player succeed in a secret mini-QTE during the Ending. This marks the most times an official character directly rewards the player with a Gold Gem in the game.