Tac Clancer is a dishonest, mercenary businessman Clancer who dons a black top hat. He has no qualms about making money at the expense of other people's well-being. His loyalty to the Resistance is debatable. He first appears in 'Meet Calina!' attempting to sell a Clanbomb to Marina whom he mistakes for Calina. (Marina cannot actually buy the bomb from him.) He also greets the father and son Clancer at the gates of Clanball Land and Spike Land. Later, the day before the Athletic Festival he is a hotelier renting overpriced rooms of atrocious quality to some unsuspecting Clancers. After talking to Marina they each realise that they have been conned and go to give Tac a piece of their minds. He also hosts the Athletic Fest and referees the Dodgeball match between Marina and Cat Clancer.

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