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Tarus The largest member of Beastector, Tarus wears yellow armour and has a striking resemblance to an ape, though still showing far more human qualities than the other two members of the beastector. He battles Marina underground to avenge Lunar, but finds himself bested. His vehicle is Sasquatch β (beta), a slow moving tank which can fire a powerful projectile resulting in a large explosion. During the fight, Sasquatch β transforms into a large, ape-like machine with a head resembling that of a knight's helmet.  While physically imposing, its only attack method appears to be a slow lumberous kick. In the final scenes, he is returned his human self, who appears a placid content businessman. During gameplay at boss stages he says, "Its Taurus time!" "Sasquatch Beta!" "Beast change!" "Charge!" "To punish evil forces, I have been charged!" and "You, hehehe were definitely my match Marina!" When it transforms in the final stage, it becomes the arms and legs of the Beastector keeping its cannon and gaining an extendable rocket fist.

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